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We provide web design and digital marketing services designed to enhance your online profile, increase customer engagement and drive sales. We are unique in that our prices are fixed so there’s no nasty invoices falling on your doorstep. We believe in five star customer service and guarantee to create a buzz.


Web Design

Bespoke, tailor made websites designed to enhance your online profile and increase your traffic.

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Social Media Marketing

Harness the power of social media, advertise your products or services and engage with your customers.

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E-mail Marketing

Beautifully designed e-mail campaigns designed to reach customers and drive engagement.

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Search Engine Marketing

Using either Google or Bing let us help you reach new customers who are searching for the products or services you provide.

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Content Marketing

Great content not only helps you engage with customers, persuading them to carry out a desired action, it can also increase your social media following and search rank.

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By using state of the art analytics we can create a better understanding of where your customers are coming from in order to improve future campaigns and website design.

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5 easy steps:

                                                       Choosing Yumbee makes getting online easy

  1. Simply visit our menu to take a look at our services
  2. Pick and choose the web design and marketing services you wish to explore
  3. Contact us using either the contact form or by emailing info@yumbee.co.uk, stating the services you’re interested in
  4. We will get back in touch to arrange a free design consultation to discuss your needs
  5. We’ll get to work, creating a bespoke online profile designed to take your business to the next level
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bespoke innovation

We treat every project with the individuality they deserve. Every business is different and their target audience unique. Yumbee strives to understand your business from day one to provide the very best possible service to you and your customers. Our work will get people talking about your business and elevate your online presence. Why not visit our home page and check out some of our latest work.

spread the word

As the world becomes ever more connected to the internet, it is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to embrace the digital age and connect across multiple platforms with their customers. Yumbee is here to help you do that, promoting your business, growing your brand and engaging with your most important stakeholders, your customers.

reach customers worldwide

Unlike traditional marketing methods such as print, radio and television, digital marketing allows you to target specific groups based on location, gender, age and interests. In doing so, money invested in digital marketing offers a significantly higher ROI. Let Yumbee help you target the right people in the right place at the right time. 

Multiple Platforms

Websites created by Yumbee are designed to be accessible on all platforms allowing maximum interaction and engagement by those visiting your business online. With Yumbee you have the opportunity to reach your customers using multiple media channels such as; search engines and social media. We will endeavour to learn about your business and your customers so we can advise you on the best digital channels for your business.  

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