the Yumbee Story

Yumbee is a newly founded web design and marketing business serving Hull, East Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Set up in 2017 by Michael Foster (Senior Web Designer). A recognised member of the prestigious Association of Web Design Professionals, Yumbee aims to help small and medium sized organisations grow their business by enhancing their online profile using a number of tools.

Often small organisations either feel they don’t have the time or the resources to pursue online marketing activities or create a bespoke website, that’s where we come in. Yumbee provides unique web design and digital marketing services at unbeatable prices, from social media to email marketing, we will help you engage with your customers, increase website traffic and grow your sales.


How it works?

Yumbee provides bespoke web design and marketing services, including; e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and custom analytics.


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design, creativity and beauty

Yumbee believes in creating beautiful and unique online content. In doing so we’ll increase your engagement with customers, taking your business to the next level. Every piece of work we do is bespoke and we strive to learn what makes your business and your customers tick so we can provide the best possible outcomes.

the power of digital

We live in a digital age where more consumers than ever before are connected to the online world. It’s essential, no matter the size of your business that you look to harness the power of digital platforms, whether by building a website or creating a social media presence, Yumbee are here to help.

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Member of The Association of Web Design Professionals